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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rockstar got robbed?

Trying to read GDC news is a bit like trying to pick out a fly from a bee's nest. I don't really know what I'm looking for and it's a bit scary to sift through it all.

One interesting point was that apparently Rockstar stormed
from the auditorium
after not winning a single Game Developers Choice award. Childish? I dunno, I wasn't there. Warranted?

Look, Half-Life 2 didn't deserve to win best writing. Yes, I agree it's one of the best thematically directed games in a long time. It's got some of best art direction in gaming history. The voice work is top notch. The game is immersive. The physics are fun.

The story was weak. And you can't argue the story wasn't weak because there's isn't enough of a story to defend. There's little character depth, no character evolution, miniscule plot and the backstory is told entirely though accidental glances ... and there isn't much backstory. The set design was top notch, but the play itself was more community theatre than Shakespeare. Great game. Just not a great story.

Compare that to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Main character goes through significant change. Backstory is gritty and believable ... and is pertinent throughout the whole game. The supporting characters are interesting, believable, important to the story and also evolve. There's comedy, there's tragedy, there's sex and violence. I'm certainly not saying San Andreas is an urban equivalent to Othello, but there's a lot more meat on the bone than Half-Life 2 had.

So I dunno, maybe it was immature of Rockstar - but I probably would have done the same.

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