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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'd love to do a GITS game

I'm catching up on my anime lately and am generally watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and .Hack. I'm not sure when this episode of GITS originally aired, but most of the story centered around the team seriously kicking ass on a huge oil platform.

GITS is one of those licenses that I cringe when I hear a game about it, because I know it's probably just going to be cookie cutter nonsense. Stand Alone Complex really provides a solid ground for a game. It's got breadth and isn't overly weighed down in the science fiction nuances of brain-hacking and the like which, while I loved in GITS 2, is difficult to translate into a gaming experience properly.

If someone were to make a GITS squad based tactical game, where you had specific missions to play out and you had to direct the various members to accomplish it - I'd so pick that up. Turn based would work well, I think - it would let you combine some of the "hacking" aspects with the tactical. While you have the Major and Batu trying to break into a building, the hacker in the airplane could be trying to open doors and get info.

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