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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poorly Crafted List of Gaming Demands

New Year. New Goals. New Demands.

Release X-Com for the Game Boy Advance I mean, it's only the best game ever made for one of the most popular platforms of all time. Do the math. Firaxis, Atari, I'm looking at you.

It's the AI, stupid Sorry, couldn't resist. But seriously, we get orders of magnitude better on everything else in gaming - graphics, sounds, controls, mechanics ... but 90% of the AI out there is still no smarter than we saw in Quake.

Release a new X-Com for the PC Yeah, there might be a trend here. Laser Squad Nemesis is great but limited, the new UFO series is from a different planet, and that leaves us with a WWII tactics game that apparently features giant Nazi robots. How is that I can stumble over ten different Tetris clones on the way to work, but I have to compile an decent emulator just to get back to this game?

If you're going Hollywood, do it right Fine, I can understand the big studios whoring out the tried and true, franchise orientated, innovation-bereft titles to fill the coffers ... but if gaming is going big studio, then let's take a page from the movie industry. Do one for the money, and then do one for the art.

Release a new X-Com for a console Told ya about that trend. The twist here is that making this for one to four players would be killer. Could still be turn based, where each players control different squads or responsibilities ... or it could work like X-Men: Legends. See, I'm flexible.

Stop with the slave labor It's time the industry started respecting itself a bit more. I don't think I really need to elaborate here.

Don't tease us, it's mean Anyone else tired of hype campaigns which begin a year before a title is released, often talking to length about features which haven't gotten a line of code to them? I'm guessing yes.

Nintendo and Sega: feel the love You're possibly the world's most innovative hardware company for games and possibly the world's most innovative software company for games. We've seen a bit of the magic on the DS. Make it work and keep it up.

Replayability, Replayability, Replayability The concept of PC titles having vast replayability seems to only be remembered in the RTS genre. It's been replaced in other genres, notably shooters, with modding - and we all know I love me mods. But that's doesn't excuse any genre from figuring out ways to games feel like permanent editions to our library again, instead of extended movie experiences.

Don't release Duke Nukem Forever Because honestly, that joke will never get old unless you do. Don't rob us of that.

Remember X-Com Seriously.

Ok, that's it for now. I might have more later.

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