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Monday, February 18, 2008

Steam ... Validating ... some more .... again ...

I should have taken some new comments to the old old post about Steam constantly validating as a clue that the fun might not have been over.

Sure enough, after a long day of work I try to load up the new TF2 updates ... but I can't. Why? Because Steam is broken. Once again after updating the game, it doesn't know how to do anything but validate things. 100% validating, over and over again.

Hey, maybe I should contact Valve's customer support and see if I have any more luck than your average joe ... except wait - I'm still waiting a response from my first complaint. Oddly, I'm getting an image in my head and it looks a bit like Gabe Newell's middle finger.

Seriously, this game is the slender thread holding me to PC gaming anymore. And Valve is holding a knife to it every single time they patch a game. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Honestly, I'm a PC gamer at heart. Just someone tell the people responsible to stop sucking the fun out of even owning a PC in the first place.

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