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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Movie Watch: The Lookout

Joseph Gordon-Levitt might just have the best eye for a script going right now. We saw Brick a while back and thought it was just an amazing mashup of high school and film noir. The Lookout is a more serious and somber, but in many ways a better film. Levitt plays one of the most beautifully broken main characters to come across the screen in some time. Jeff Daniels is simply brilliant as well.

I'd like to rattle on and on about the plot and other details ... but this movie has some charm to it when you walk in without knowing much about it and what's happening. It's not that it is overly twisty in terms of surprises or anything, in fact some of the events are broadcasted well in advance. Still, the movie has a very distinct flow to it and builds a lot of anticipation and tension slowly.

Highly recommend.

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