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Friday, February 22, 2008

TV Watch: Lost, Eggtown

Eggtown? I guess we were supposed to read more into Locke breaking eggs and babies being a theme or something?

While I thought Eggtown was pretty good, I think there is a noticeable trend here with Lost overall. The episode focused heavily on Kate as a character and her plight with her mom and her plight as a fugitive and her plight with Sawyer and ... OK basically it was about her plight. And honestly it was fairly solid as that stuff goes and gives us some greater detail into her plot. So unlike some of last season's fluff pieces, this was pretty good television.

But wow golly was it slow. There were only three big events: Miles talking to Ben, Kate's release and the revelation that somehow Kate gets Aaron (Emilie de Ravin might want to start updating that resume now). And I do like how that last one ties back into Kate's reluctance to let her crazy ass mom back into her life, but the first one was classic Lost - a whole episode to open some new questions without answering much of anything.

Naturally my favorite part was Locke putting a grenade in Miles' mouth. OK, a bit of an extreme measure but at least someone realizes that getting these people talking about the bigger picture is probably key to their survival. Kate going to similar extremes just to find out if Miles "knows her" was kinda silly, to be honest. It's like the island removes all deductive reasoning. Miles has already shown he has a decent stack of information about the Losties - it wouldn't be hard to assume he had her rap sheet as well.

I'll be interested to see how the writers tie Ben into this whole global game of assassination back into DHARMA. Considering Ben was just the son of a janitor until Batmanuel Forever helped him betray everyone, he sure seems to have done plenty with himself. It's possible the Island chooses champions (Jacob, Ben, Locke, Hurley) and uses its freaky powers to help them in some quest.

If that's true, though, are the frieghties then pretty much the anti-Losties? And if so, is there an anti-Island somewhere?


sterno said...

Yeah I was a bit baffled as to why Kate went to that much trouble just to ask if she was still a wanted criminal. I mean, duh? It's not like you disappear for a while and suddenly the FBI goes, "oh nevermind."

Agreed on Locke. He's so easily manipulated it's hilarious but nice to see him finally getting tired of these games.

I have to say I loved the twist at the end. I was sitting there trying to figure out why Jack didn't want to see the baby. Then we find out it's Aaron in literally the last line of the show and suddenly it's like, "WTF?"

Also it seems quite apparent that the oceanic 6 had an official story they all put together before they returned. I'm assuming they decided to cast her as the hero of the story for precisely this reason.

Josh said...

Yeah, The Girl and I were trying to figure out the differences between Jack's version of the crash and the real thing. I'm guessing it was part of their "rescue" and probably has something to do with a guy whose name rhymes with Abaddon.

So the freighties don't seem intent on killing the Losties. We know their main goal is to kill Ben. Miles seems to be aware of the exact amount in Ben's bank account (a ghost probably told him).

What I don't get is why they need the scientist and archaeologist. Bring the psychic and some commandos. If Abaddon's crew is evil, why not kill all the Losties?