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Monday, February 18, 2008

Jack Thompson - Video Games Media Man And Complete Douchebag

Wow. After offering his "free" services to NIU to explain to them just how evil video games are (trust me, I've seen the email exchanges Jack has ... he does nothing for free) ... he threatens to sue NIU in the wake of the shooting.

Way to be compassionate in the face of tragedy there, crusader. What's fascinating is that this happens after Jack's offer to come explain how video games caused all this grief. What? They said no and so you threaten to sue them?. Clearly, that's the only Christian thing to do. Fox News - you do know how to pick your "experts", don't you?

What wrong has NIU committed that has brought old BatJack to bring the courts to their table at this grim time? He seems to think that they have a stash of secret documents pertaining to the shooter's love of Counter-Strike.

Yup. And what you have to love about Jack is that he is such an attention whore - he is the one to fax the fact he's doing this to other people. He's proud to be annoying people with his batshit insanity during their time of grieving.

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