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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Would A Video AirPort Express Stream iTunes Video?

Sounds like a stupid question, right? Why wouldn't the rumored video enabled Airport Express support iTunes videos?

Well, because whatever deal Apple has going with the DCCA means that right now you can't burn them to DVD. Now if I could stream things from the Mac over to the television ... I'm literally single button away from burning my iTunes videos to DVD.

Of course ... that might be just fine with Apple. It's entirely possible that the DCCA regulations cover what content you can burn ... but not necessarily what you can broadcast. In other words, this is kind of like the wink and nod approach Apple has with CD's. Sure ... you can only burn those iTunes tracks so many times. But of course you can import those CD's as MP3's and do whatever you want with them after that. Convenient? No, but technically legal for Apple.

Naturally some people would rather assume that Apple lurves the DRM and will stick it to the customer if it ever means to sell a few more iPods. Sometimes, though, functionality is king ... and if the Airport Express Video Edition does everything I hope it does ... I'll be picking one up with gusto.

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