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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Randolph Carter Updated

OK, in prep for possibly submitting it to Slamdance, I've updated Randolph Carter:

I've made the edits which Clamatius found (and major thanks goes to him what's hopefully the last of my errors). I've also updated the design a bit to match some suggestions Jason had made and corrected a couple of code bugs.

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Clamatius said...

seem to largely aquatic > seem to be largely aquatic

uncoils it's way -> uncoils its way

You feint and -> You faint and

Ecaped -> Escaped

Lost are we -> Lost, are we

sepulcherin -> sepulcher

in it's carrying box -> in its carrying box

Josh said...

sepulcherin? That's just wrong.

Josh said...

OK, updated again. I gave it a go with AppleWork's spell check this time, but I may still have some grammar and possessive mistakes, obviously.

You got credit in the info popup on the draft with that post btw :)