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Thursday, September 07, 2006

From Mommyblogger to Gamer...

To me screaming, "I hate this game. I hate geeks. I hate everything about this. I QUIT. I am totally deleting this game and you all can just SHUT UP!" Then I took my hissy-fit self into the other room ignoring the Males as they called me back to try to calm me down and chill out.

See, to them, it is all so SIMPLE. All so EASY. To me, it is being dumped in China with no one who speaks English around and trying to understand what the hell everyone is saying. Yeah. I am that dumb at this. However, I did manage to get a quest (in my new land and all) and finish it (after only being killed 3 times) AND level up. Oh, yes, Mama Marama rocks the WoW world with her brilliance.

(Shuddup. It was good for me!)
-- Aggroqueen: September 06, 2006

Aggroqueen is a blog from a woman previously known for simply blogging the trials of being a blogger. Now it's the trials of a blogger being a mother while trying to be a gamer.

I don't have anything else to say about that...

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