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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Anti-Bully Game

According to Gamasutra and Wired, nine universities will be banding together to "look at various bullying scenarios and help children learn how various actions can create various subsequent outcomes between the bully and their victims."

I'm actually all for edutainment and even almost got involved in a project for one (until the design doc for the website alone scared me off). Still, this barely even sounds like a game concept ... mostly just a knee jerk reactionary statement to an unreleased title ... aka needless attention grabbing. Does anyone thing that a kid can learn how to avoid bullies via a multiple choice response system? It's not like bullies in school are some kind of singular problem with a singular solution - they're part of the complexities of going to school.

Once in my grade school, there was a kid who constantly bullied others. One day after he had pushed me down I chased him down the hall, pushed him to the ground and beat the tar out of him. Well, OK, didn't really beat the tar out of him so much as there was much waving and wailing of hands. Thing about grade school fights is that nobody really knows how to fight. Still, my only trip to the principal's office solved the problem pretty well.

And I bet that solution isn't in there...

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