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Friday, September 08, 2006

Terri Irwin's Revenge

Certainly towards the height of bad taste, Destructoid has issued a game where Terri Irwin avenges her husband. (via techshout). No, the lack of a link to the game isn't an accident.

Look, Steve Irwin was a lot of things. Certainly a showboatter and a sensationalist, but he was also a fervent protector of animal life and a huge believer in humankind respecting the animal life around it ... and certainly not going on a rampage of revenge. He basically got his start by being known for going out and removing animals alive from areas where they and humans might not get along so peacefully.

His death was a tragic and bizarre accident - but it was the kind of thing he came up against so that he could bring wildlife in it's true sense closer to the living room. Let's give the guy a bit of respect if we're going to try and remember his name.

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