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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Vice City Blamed For Deaths

Thanks goes to Winkyboy for sending me this:

Family members of three people slain by a 14-year-old on newsman Sam Donaldson's New Mexico ranch sued the makers of the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" on Monday, claiming the crimes would not have occurred had the teenager never played the violent game.

The $600 million lawsuit names several companies and Cody Posey, who it alleges played the game "obsessively" for several months before he shot his father, stepmother and stepsister in July 2004. Posey, now 16, was sentenced earlier this year to state custody until he is 21.

The games and others in the "Grand Theft Auto" series depict police killings and other acts of violence. The lawsuit calls various editions of the game "virtual reality murder simulators."
-- Suit blames video game for N.M. slayings (digg it)

Naturally, this is BatJack Thompson's work. Even though his patented video game argument failed miserably in the criminal case of Devin Moore and is barely treading water in the civil case (that would be the case where Thompson's lack of professionalism lost him his temproray Alabama license, btw) - this is a carbon copy of the same nonsense he continues to espouse.

Is sychophant the term for a lower form organism which feeds on the dead? Or is that just a maggot?

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Winkyboy said...

Yeah, when I noticed that, I thought for certain it was a reposting from some old case, but apparently not. It had been so long since I'd heard BJT doing anything, I'd hoped he'd given up.

Josh said...

It's a very creepy kind of deja vu. I swear the only thing that man must carry in his briefcase is scripts - because it's just like a media show that goes from town to town.

Course, this media show convinces people to try and profit off their dead relatives. So, ewwww.