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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ridge Racer 7 - Best Looking of TGS?

If the Ridge Racer series ever needed a boost, it's right now, and Ridge Racer 7 is like a giant shot of nitrous to the franchise. Running on the show floor, we got to play a single course on the show floor running right off of a PS3 debug unit. And, to our complete surprise, Ridge Racer 7 was playing in full 1080p definition at an astonishing 60 frames per second.

While the gameplay basic driving gameplay in RR7 doesn't really do anything too different from RR6, the graphics are the driving force in this latest edition exclusively for the PS3. With some of the most vibrant colors, amazing real-time shadows and gorgeous reflections, RR7 shines in almost every visual aspect. And the car models just look great.

There were rumors that most games would not make 1080p for launch, but TGS is proving that theory wrong, and Ridge Racer 7 is leading the pack in style.
-- The best-looking games at the Tokyo Game Show

It's odd - just yesterday I was talking with a co-worker about HDTV. He had been by the Sony Store and wasn't precisely impressed. I guess they had some Blu-Ray movie running at 1080P ... and he wasn't terribly impressed. I'd say this suprises me but I remember thinking a similar thing about DVD and home theatre when I was at Best Buy oh so many years ago. In fact, it wasn't DVD's heralded better image that roped me into eventually buying one ... but all the extra features they could cram into a disc.

Some of the screenshots from TGS finally make the PlayStation 3 actually seem like a next-generation machine. Again, though, it's not the price keeping me from a purchase so much as this HDTV thing I'm not quite ready to hop into.

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