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Friday, September 29, 2006

MTV On "Defcon"

MTV takes a look at the new title from the makers of "Uplink":

"Defcon" came about because, during the development of "Darwinia," Delay got bored. He started messing with a prototype of a game based on that big screen from "WarGames." It was fun enough that Introversion considered releasing it as a "B-side" to "Defcon" and then decided that the concept might be sound enough to be Introversion's third game.

There was eventually that problem with winning a nuclear war in a video game. They've tacked on a timer that ticks down when a set percentage of the world's missiles are fired — a timer that inspires the mad generals playing the game to let loose with a final desperate fusillade — and then tallies the dead.

That kind of morbid endgame might lead some to think "Defcon" is one of those message games or some sort of cousin to "Metal Gear Solid," the king of nuclear-anxiety games. It's not. "We're all in our mid-20s," Arundel said. "When we were getting to 11 or 12, the world was getting better and the Cold War had finished. We had never really been through a time of real nuclear threat."
-- Developer Hopes Nuclear-War Game 'Defcon' Leaves Its Mark

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