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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

$85 PS3 Games? Not Buying It

The rumor that is ... although if it turns out to be true - I won't buy the games either. Here's why I think this is bogus:

IGN is sourcing Japanese journalist Munechika Nishida's "multiple information sources" that PS3 games will be between ¥8,800 ($75 USD) and ¥9,800 ($85 USD). Development costs are being blamed for the pricey games.

The article also states that third party developer support is lagging for the PS3 and that Sony will switch to a "traditional business model" where they'll sell the PS3 at a lower price and recoup the money off of software sales.
-- Joystiq: Japanese PS3 games to cost up to ¥9,800 ($85 USD)

Here's the thing - I don't have anything against sourcing the source of a source. I don't get paid to care. But it doesn't add up.

#1 - Charging more for games in reaction to lowering your price because you feared your prime market found it too expenisve is just nuts ... even for Sony.

#2 - Maybe Sony doesn't have the greatest third party support, but clearly they have enough to cobble together a launch library and a decent roll call of upcoming games. That bit sounds more like forum meme than fact (just one of those things that doesn't seem clear cut).

#3 - What kind of news is Sony will switch to a "traditional business model" where they'll sell the PS3 at a lower price ... that's always been the strategy.

So when the guy who wrote something about the guy who heard about the guy doesn't make sense three times in a row ... I'm likely to just toss the whole bit of information out.

That said, I'm sure we'll $70 not too long into the PS3's run. 2008ish maybe?

Update: Looks like the brouhaha was over Japanese prices, U.S. prices to be $60 like just about everyone else these days. To Joystiq's credit, that article does specifically mention that the info was specific to Japan. So while they weren't getting their barrel in shape for the waterfall, this is another example of a lot of people looking for another for rag on Sony.

Poor multinational billion dollar conglomerate. It's OK.

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Anonymous said...

My hope/prediction: $20 downloads will sweep the mass market and become the most profitable biz model by far, particularly as social and leisure play comes into its own. Nintendo might catch on in time and open their download service up, maybe return some e-mails. Maybe.

A more likely prediction is that the $20 dollar downloads will begin to rival $60 retails, as a portion of gamers buy less retail and start downloading more frequently, while casual games buy one or two $60 dollar games a year via the gateway of their $20 experiences.

Josh said...

Apple, I think, is a good bellweather for online pricing. I think they're going to start small and cheap and then see how succesfully they can ramp up.

Since right now XBLA is the best reason to have a 306, though, I can't why it won't emerge as a dominant force on all three consoles.