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Friday, February 24, 2006

WGN Goes For Scare Tactics Journalism

Apparently WGN did a story where they essentially branded video games as the new street drug. Brilliant. I didn't see it, despite being a Chicagoan, because to be honest ... WGN is usually full of stories of rape, house fires and terror anyway. This is Chicago, and what bleed doesn't just lead but often get it's own parade.

I don't really plan on seeing it, unless I feel I should to justify a few angry emails. I'm not sure that is really required though. I would offer up the rant a few of you might be expecting, but Kotaku and 1UP have really done a top notch job of debunking it already.

I will email them, however. And it will be aggresive and sanguine. While it's true that well-composed correspondance is more effective than simple ranting, I gotta say - in my job I read customer feedback daily. And emotion does count for something.

I emailed the following:

I'm writing in response to the segment comparing video games to an addictive drug. It's sad and pathetic to see large news channel like WGN stoop to such levels of pseudoscience in order to generate fear in a viewing public. I know "what bleeds, leads", but c'mon. How f--king stupid do you think we are?

Your statements were not backed by science or medicine and merely jump on the bandwagon of "video games will ruin your kids". I am familiar with the studies of NIMF, Dr. Craig Anderson and others and the frame in which they pose their arguments.

WGN, instead of adhering to the legitimate science, choose instead to sensationalize the story and compare interactive media with some kind of crack.

Poor journalism by any standard and lowers the bar for WGN in general.

Sad. Truly sad.

Oh yeah, I f bombed them. Not censored in their version.

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