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Saturday, February 25, 2006

General Updates

The Girl is off running around in Samsara, our Animal Crossing: Wild World town. We briefly hooked up with The Brother last night on NiWiFi, which rocked because he's total pro at the game and gave us a few tips. She just got pounced by the insurance salesman, though. "Yeah, I found bees!" she just exclaimed...

Hopefully I'll get enough coffee in me to start working on the Lovecraft IF. I think I've done the rough draft of uh lessee, hrm, five endings and have about nine planned out. Nine might not seem like a lot, but this is short story format ... not even the length of a novel or short novel, nor does it have the easily varied scope of something, like, say, Caves of Time. And besides, some of Montgomery's kid's book only had fifteen or so endings.

And before anyone freaks out because I invoke the "Choose Your Own Adventure" genre, lemme rest the fears that it's not the same format. Yeah, there's some heritage but the framework isn't modal. In other words, you can't obliquely choose to "run from the room screaming" or "attack the monster" per se, and then you get a whole new page. Instead, pages react to a series of interactions on the page to determine overall changes to the story. So some aspects of the story might be effected over multiple pages and others might be succinct.

It's hard to describe. I shouldn't really be describing it, I should just get back to writing. I'm kinda fighting the urge not to jump into Guild Wars, to be honest, because I'm pretty certain some of my high level buds are probably online, which could get me past Ice Caves. Or to try a round of M.U.L.E. .... mmmmm mule.

No wonder I don't do this professionally.

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