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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Championship Guild Wars Builds

Clamatius has found a couple of links where people describe the Guild Wars builds used with teams winning championships.

On a related note, I had an abysmal run at Ice Caves of Sorrow last night. The latter missions definately get harder and good party coherence is just a must. After debating for ten minutes on who should lead the party, half the party spent the first five minutes not listening to the leader and generally getting everyone killed. In five more minutes, the party just dissolved itself.

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Clamatius said...

Quibbling for a moment, it's actually not the people who used the builds describing them, it's people who were watching replays on Observer mode. The championships in question are the recent GWWC.

Not to worry you, but you might want to regard Ice Caves and Iron Mines as a gentle warm-up for Thunderhead Keep and Ring of Fire, which are both quite tough.

Josh said...

I like quibbles, they make up a decent portion of my diet. Edited.

Yeah, I was sorta pre-worried about that after Thirsty really. It's kind doubly frightening when I con some high level buddy to tag along, but it's still hard to gel a decent party. The dynamics just get really important at this level, it seems. Used to be that I could at least keep a bad party mostly alive.

Now without a properly formed team that is willing to listen to a leader and pay attention to map signals, doom awaits!

Which is fun, actually. I prefer the uptick in the challenge towards the end.

Brinstar said...

I can see that much joy awaits me in the future.

Clamatius said...

Thirsty is my #3 pick of hardest missions. Thunderhead Keep nudges out Ring of Fire for the top slot.

@Brinstar: the joy comes when you beat the sonofabiscuit missions rather than when you see the "Return To Outpost" button for the nth time. :)