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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brilliantly One Sided Example Of Poor Journalism

ABC 13 out of Toledo has just hopped on the "scare you, don't inform you" bandwagon:

Disrespectful, dangerous, plain stupid, that's how many groups are describing this new game, and some police officer groups are using their websites to encourage consumers to boycott it.

Blasting guns, shady characters and edgy hip hop, police say it's the next generation of Grand Theft Auto.

It's called "25 to life" and that's what police say players would get if they were driven to act out anything they see on screen.

Sgt. Richard Murphy says, he is upset with the company that came out with such a hash and violent game, which teaches kids to kill a police officer.
-- Video game controversy

Many groups? Try one group. And police say it's the next generation of GTA? Wow, they must teach game analysis in law enforcement school these days, considering nearly every game review declares it to be a subpar clone, at best.

And thank god ABC news is there to remind people that if you actually shoot a police officer, you might go to jail. The impressive powers of the PlayStation 2's brainwashing chip almost made me forget. Must have been all that firearms training I was getting while playing.

Here's a question: if my video game console is sooooo damn good at training firearms, then why don't all the law enforcement agencies start using them in lieu of shooting ranges? It would take a lot less money. Huh? Oh right, that's because it's complete nonsense.

Basically, this story amounts to a news organization paraphrasing someone's press release as if it were all complete fact. Absolutely ace reporting, right there.

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