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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TV Watch: Studio 60, Veronica and Jericho Cancelled

I rarely stumble into E! news and rumor pages - but I suppose if I did more I wouldn't be nearly the last to know that Studio 60, Veronica Mars and Jericho have all officially gotten the axe.

Studio 60 will at least get to air its last few episodes - although I don't expect anything nearly as great as the finale for Sports Night out of the run. I'll admit that the show didn't always fire on all cylinders ... but it was smart, sweet and funny. Sorkin is a rare talent and its always a shame to see him not putting something on the screen.

Veronica Mars got its act together too late for viewers it seems. The third season was a jumble of new characters, skewed plotlines and dropped fragments from other seasons. In the end, though, we see the V, Wallace and Mac clicking together and mysteries, short and encapsulated they may be, actually making some sense. Sadly now we will never know the fate of the election for sherriff, V's career in law enforcement - or just how much Pez was willing to throw away from her.

So let's just say: Keith wins. Veronica is a brilliant agent. And lots.

Update: sorry that sounded so fatalistic - I forgot tonight is a new episode, so maybe we'll see some more resolution there (but I'm doubting it).

Update 2: Wait ... there are two new episodes tonight!

As for Jericho ... well .... *kicks dirt* ... I never watched it. And I'm sorry because I kept hearing good things about it. So consider my mea culpa'd and hope it hits DVD or iTunes so that I can see what I missed.

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