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Friday, May 25, 2007

Master Chief's Naughty Bits

Microsoft has delayed the release of Halo 2 on Vista again due to the last minute discovery of some partial nudity in the game. According to, the delay won't be used to remove the potentially offensive content but rather to apply a sticker to the game's packaging warning consumers about its presence. A patch will be available from the game's official site that will cover up those naughty bits.
-- IGN: Master Chief's Wardrobe Malfunction [IGN]

First I think it's interesting that Microsoft runs into this problem considering the widespread conspiracy theory that Rockstar had left their content in purposefully. Clearly this kind of problem is much easier to stumble into than most of the Rockstar kickers wanted to admit if a company of Microsoft's girth can have it.

The "naughty bits" in question apparently amounts to a bare buttock which can be found with a game editor. So in fact, this is an easier piece of flesh to find than Rockstar's error, since the latter actually require code munging and a breach of EULA to uncover.

The patch to remove the buttocks I'm sure will be quickly downloaded and I'm sure nobody will figure out a way to upload the texture online. Nor will anyone use this texture in an immature fasion.


Whatever the case, it still annoys that Microsoft is making this a Vista exclusive.

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