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Friday, May 25, 2007

Best New Reason For A PlayStation 3

24th May 2007 sees the release of the latest firmware update from Sony for the Playstation 3. This latest update takes us to the heady hights of V1.80.

This update includes the following goodies:

Upscaling DVDs, PSone and PS2 games upto 1080p (note: HD telly required!).
-- Playstation 3 - Firmware V1.80 [The Average Gamer]

Old FluffyFist also links to a gameswank page showing of the upscaling on some PlayStation 2 (and PS1 Doom) titles. If it upscales DVDs even nearly this well, the PS3 just became an excellent choice for people wanting high definition content for their new HDTV.


jvm said...

A friend just got a 60Gb PS3 + two controllers + HDMI cable + two games and some other stuff for only $600 incl. shipping. (Yes it was used.) I was jealous enough at that.

Now with the 1.8 firmware, I'm downright green with envy. It's amazing how peers affect one's buying decisions.

Anyway, the PS3 is now up higher on my "must buy in 2007" list. We'll see if I can secure the funding.

Josh said...

This had been something of a dealbreaker for me - why own an upscaling DVD player *and* a high def player? Seems a bit foolish.

jvm said...

Yeah. I'm a freak. I don't see myself using the video capability that much, but I will appreciate it when I do. I am far, far more interested in playing PS3 games and upscaled/smoothed PS1/PS2 games. The images I've seen are sometimes downright brilliant. Light years ahead of the PS2 smoothing PS1 games.