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Friday, May 25, 2007

Surviving Veronica Mars

Salon mourns the truncated finale which was Veronica Mars. The note that the CW didn't even advertise the "two hour finale" as the series finale felt odd ... as did the fact that there were actually two one hour episodes.

In short, it felt rather like V had just been dumped.

Sadly the show's ending note started to ring similar to the themes fans loved in season one. With imagery like huge pictures of Lily Kane, Keith being smeared in the press and our dear Veronica walking off into the rainstorm ... how can a fan not feel a bit melancholy about this ending?

So here's a couple tips to keep you afloat:

Re-watch Season One
This time, though, when ever they say "Neptune High" - say "HEARST" really loud and when Duncan shows up - insist that its actually Piz. The way the last season was ending, you might just not tell the difference.

Pretend Seasons Two And Three Never Existed
This is what I do whenever anyone brings up stuff that occured after the Buffy musical episode. Now granted, most of what followed that episode was just plain bad - and with V you'll be missing out on some great moments ... but at least you won't know the pain of the show being cancelled (again).

Write FanFic
Keep the stories going. Just don't show them to ... you know ... other people. Or tape a fan show and get famous on YouTube ... your choice.

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