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Friday, February 23, 2007

Why Is Sony Ripping Out Their Emotion?

I don't see the logic here: take out the Emotion Engine from the PAL PS3. Why? It's not a cost saving measure being handed down to customers. If anything, the Euro PlayStation 3 is still mor expensive (unless a subsequent price drop has yet to be announced ... in which case this is another massive PR blunder). Microsoft got, I think properly, derided for using software emulation that would be far less than 100%. Sony's already had problems with the PS2 compatibility even with their hardware shoved in the case ... so why intentionally make it worse?

The common argument is that nobody really cares about backwards compatibility. Again, I think this is a disconnect between the net surfing gamer and the rest of the world. The PlayStation 2 is still one of the best selling consoles on the planet. We were just recently commenting that one of Sony's most valuable and easily leveraged strengths is their vast library of games (not to mention media). If PlayStation 2 development remains strong through 2007 - people who buy a PS2 this year might just want a PS3 in a much shorter period than previous owners - especially if the a price cut hits the flagship console and high def sets come down in price.

Maybe the problems the Emotion Engine had in the current revision is the thing. With software emulation, Sony can more easily update firmware to increase compatiblity over time (just as Microsoft has). It's a half-measure now for a theoretically more complete measure later. But will it really be a more complete solution? The 360 has yet to maintain 100% backwards compatiblity.

Fun fact: I still have my PS1 because it's the only hardware I own that will still run X-Com. Sometimes that one title is all it takes.

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