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Monday, February 19, 2007

AOL Smacks Down Vista, High-Def and the PS 3

AOL has a simple list of five gadgets you shouldn't buy right now.

1. Any high definition player
2. The PlayStation 3
3. Draft N Wireless Routers
4. Windows Vista
5. 10 megapixel cameras

Geez - talk about a buzzkill. They could have just written one sentence: Don't be an early adopter. Not to mention that technically, 1 and 2 are redundant. And if I were to ward anyone off of any game machine right now - the PSP seems a lot riskier than the PlayStation 3 since I still get the feeling Sony will overhaul it.

Vista is just an odd addition. The writer admits it's not a gadget per se. Then they recommend just buying a computer with Vista ... which is a gadget. So it kinda boils down to "don't upgrade to Vista unless you know what you're doing." Or, you know, duh.

Obviously Apple hasn't read this list - since they are basing two major consumer products on the N draft this year.

What about high definition televisions? Why say nobody should buy high def players, but they should run out and buy any old HDTV they want? Out of any gadget on the planet right now, a high def set is probably the scariest purchase I can think about making.

Via Kotaku, who unfairly gets slammed in their own comments for bashing PS3's since Fahey basically defends it against the list in the post.

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