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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Video Game Law Compromise

Joystiq covers this well in illustrating that the new line in the sand between video game advocates and lawmakers would seem to be sex and not violence. Ah, how wonderfully puritanically American. So if you want to fine people for selling sexy games to minors, that's OK to the old ESA.

Granted, it is an easier pill to swallow. For one thing, lawmakers have been trying for a while to label violent games with pornography as "obscene" ... so this is at least in line with their public concerns while drawing similar boundaries to existing laws concerning pornography. The industry could really care less because Adults Only games aren't sold in mainstream channels anyway. The poor sub-minimum wage cashier at Wal-Mart isn't reallly responsible for reading the back of a game for the parent because it will never be a conflict. In terms of a compromise, this is one that does virtually nothing and makes everyone look good.

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