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Monday, May 22, 2006

STOB: Thomas Wins

Thomas earned another victory in Corvus' Spring Tournament Of Bloggers. It was a bit closer this time. TBone got a quick stealth kill and a frozen headshot for an early lead and while I managed to whittle it away a bit, it ended 4-2 and I think the most I could have gotten out of the deal would be to narrow the gap by another point. One of the harder things about 1v1 Hunters is that if someone really doesn't want to get fragged, they have a lot of choices to evade.

I think I'm up against Corvus or Seth now.

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Thomas said...

Yeah, that's one of the frustrating things about the game, and I feel kinda bad about it--the weapons are generally weak enough that you can run and reload if an encounter goes badly. Playing with high-damage weapons might be more interesting next time, especially since I think you're a better shot than I am.

Good game, though!

Josh said...

Well, to your credit you played a bit more up front than myself when I was up against Corvus and simply didn't want to risk losing my lead half way through the tourney. I went for a more hit and run strategy at that point (sorry C!).

The shock coil w/ Sylux is an interesting double sword, because it can only do a lot of damage really close up ... but against that freeze attack ... hard to balance.