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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Break Into Games Competition

At E3, the world listened to Microsoft's founder Bill Gates single out GarageGames' Marble Blast Ultra as his six-year-old son's favorite game. On June 5th, 2006, GarageGames will again stand out from the crowd as they launch the B.I.G. (Break Into Games) Competition -- the nation's most exhaustive search to showcase America's greatest independent videogame developers. Culminating with a light-hearted American Idol style finale, the entrants and winners will vie for prizes including professional gaming hardware and coveted publishing deals with GarageGames and its partners.

All B.I.G. entrants will be given the opportunity to build their game prototypes with a free trial version of the impressive, new Torque Game Builder (TGB) from GarageGames, which will empower them to build amazing games from scratch and compete for top prizes and recognition. Said GarageGames President Mark Frohnmayer, "We've seen compelling games prototypes created with TGB in one to two weeks."
-- American Idol for Indie Video Game Developers?

Despite that being the most inane press release title of the century, I can attest that the Torque Game Builder (formely known as Torque 2D) is pretty decent stuff. Well worth a trial. The Break Into Games competition sounds pretty neat, but sadly I can't find any more info on it on GarageGames' site.

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Sean Sullivan said...
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