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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost: Footnotes

Just some rumblings from the peanut gallery. Lots of chatter out there about the finale, including these interesting theories and questions:

The island is located in/within the south pole.
This is obviously due to the final scenes with the cold weather scientists who monitored the new incident (for lack of a better description) and sometimes supported by a polar bear or two. It's being followed up with theories about the island being in a glass sphere, outer space, and my sock drawer.

The latter seems unlikely simply because it possibly violates the producer's statement that everything is scientifically plausible (which a cloaked biodome seems a bit much). The first seems unlikely because were they in the south pole, I think they'd have really long days. Part of me likes the idea of it all being on an asteroid though ... very Phillip Jose Farmer.

One of the scientists is Jack's "Bad Twin"
It's just a couple actors who happen to look alike.

The statue indicates that the Others are aliens or Homer Simpson
I'm guessing the statue is either a red herring or indication of something pre-existing the Others/Dharma. Too soo to tell.

Why those Four?
Lost And Gone Forever pondered the same:

Jack, Kate, and Hurley all had "visions" - but Sawyer didn't (and what about Locke, Eko, etc.?)
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer might be genetically "chosen" based on their physiques - but not Hurley (and what about Sayid, Jin, etc.?)
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer all had "Daddy Issues" - but Hurley didn't (and what about Sun, Jin, etc.?)
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer might be seen as "leaders" - but not Hurley (and what about Sayid, Locke, etc.?)
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer all met "Zeke" - but Hurley didn't (and Locke did)
Jack, Kate, and Hurley all went to the "Black Rock" - but Sawyer didn't (and Locke did)

My only guess ... they've all had encounters with "spirit" animals or people. Jack's dad. Kate's horse. Hurley's Dave (and a bird?). Sawyer's boar (and later ... tree frog). We should also remember Hurley was released, so maybe he wasn't part of the equation. Perhaps these people have more control over the island than they realize.

If Vincent The Dog mysteriously disappears in Season 3, I'll be convinced he wasn't the real Vincent to begin with.

Vaccine this, vaccine that
So if Kelvin wasn't worried about the disease ... and the vaccine is just a placebo to keep the scare on ... why kidnap Claire and inject her fetus with it before trying to steal the baby?

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Finster said...

I for one don't think that the vaccine is a vaccine at all. Or at least, not for any communicable disease that may or may not be on the island. It could be lots of things, really. My crackpot theory is that it's a radioactive marker, like an injection of barium or something.

My big question is what will happen to Rose, Sun, and the possibly living Locke? If the magnetic anomaly was the source of their healing, what happens now that the source is probably dissipated?

Overall, a very cool season finale. And the statue... man... that's just plain messed up.

Josh said...

I think that makes sense. A marker perhaps, or maybe even a genetic therapy drug.

I think we're going to find a lot of "telephone" games have been going on. Maybe Desmond thought the button saved the world because Kelvin had been told the purpose of the station was to protect the world. Perhaps the "sickness" that Danielle talks about was mentioned by a Dharmite who was really talking about a "diseased world" or that kind of thing.

Jeff Freeman said...

There are polar bears at the south pole?

Josh said...

No, there's not.

One of the reasons why it's not terribly good evidence...

Plus the Blast Door Map hints that the polar bears were brought there by Dharma.

Deacon said...

I got the sense that the monitoring station was far away from the island - that the magnetic event was HUGE. The website put up in a commercial during the episode led to a hanso foundation jobs site (, which had an opening in Iceland. There are definitely portions of Iceland where a cold-weather station could reside. That's my two cents.

Josh said...

I lean in the same direction, Deacon. If the island were too close to either pole, there'd be a lot more explaining than there really needs to be.

Plus we should remember that plenty of places might have snow. The "scientists" were likely Brazilian ... so perhaps a South American mountaintop? I assume being at a high altitude would be helpful for looking at magnetic fields.