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Friday, May 01, 2009

Movie Watch: Dark City (Director's Cut)

Dark City is an odd movie. Something of a scifi noir, there are bits and pieces of a mystery and suspense novel tossed into a variety of new and old concepts which seem part cobbled from Philip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler.

It's difficult to talk much about the movie with unraveling the interesting plot for you and essentially spoiling the movie. The important portion of this post is that this Blu-Ray edition of the director's cut is the definitive way to see this movie. The original studio cut put a rather annoying and overly informative voice over at the beginning of the movie that puts the viewer in completely the wrong state to enjoy the early twists of the movie. Also, it's darn pretty.

And the early parts are easily the best, and in this cut do a better job of supporting the final acts of the movie. Written and directed by Alex Proyas, it includes all of his characteristic visuals. If similarities to The Matrix are seen, it isn't all accidental. Matrix would go on to reuse some of Dark City's sets.

Definitely recommended.

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