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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beer Drink: Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale

This is a new section for Cathode. Since the blog keeps evolving more and more into a description of habitual escapes, I'm not sure why beer wouldn't be on the list.

The first thing you'll note about Lazy Mutt is the marketing gimmick. The beer comes in eight packs with a big note on the end reminding that there are "two more in this one". What this really comes down to is that the beer is really cheap as the price is still comparative to your average six pack.

Taste wise, the beer is pretty average as well. Beer snobs will note that it does not really meet the standards of a farmhouse. There's a hint, maybe, of apple or other fruit flavors, but the beer taste a lot more like a red to me than anything else. It's got a low weight and not a lot of body.

So in the end, it's an average beer at a better than average price. It is, if anything else, aptly named as it seems best for people who may not want to run to the store quite as often.

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