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Friday, May 01, 2009

Game Play: Killzone 2's Steel & Titanium Pack

Just as I start to wane on my Killzone 2 multiplayer addiction, they drop the first batch of DLC. The Steel & Titanium pack adds two new maps - Vekta Cruiser and Wasteland Bullet to the fold.

The good news is that both maps are rock solid. They're visually distinct and play extremely well. Clearly a lot of work went into the design of them and they add some great content to the fold.

I question whether $6 is a fair asking price for what amounts to a couple of new levels and trophies to prove you're playing them. Perhaps this is because I'm used to the PC world where companies like Epic would toss entire bonus packs to the community free of charge, and so spending over a fiver for gameplay which only takes a couple of hours to run through.

If you're a KZ2 fan, you've probably already bought it. I'd love to see some DLC which eventually adds new weapons or abilities, obviously. Some of this is because while the design of playing for unlockables is great, there's less desire to play when you've unlocked most of them.

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