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Monday, August 11, 2008

Meme Watch: Diablo III

Every now and then a scuffle will appear on the net and it kinda scuttles past me. Such was the case with people complaining about the colors of Diablo III, a complaint which I honestly thought was some kind of LOL Blizzard style joke, but apparently not so much.

So let me just sum up my opinion on it. Complaining about a more diverse color palette on Diablo III is akin to bitching about getting a brick of gold because it arrived in a paper bag. It's idiotic and completely misses the point. I've been more or less addicted to Diablo since the first and as long as they don't convert the entire art direction to a My Little Pony theme - I just thank goodness we're getting a sequel at all.

1 comment:

CompletelyGeeked said...

There's only one color I really want out of Diablo III: red. Deep, blood red, the kind that makes you feel like you have adequately hacked and slashed your way through whatever challenges the game sends your way.

Can you tell I haven't had any coffee yet?