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Monday, August 11, 2008

Game Play: Civ Revolution Game Level Bug

OK, so - seriously. What the hell?

I just tried to win a domination victory by besting the other civs in the year 2100.

I was closest to an economic victory by a narrow margin.
I was the only civ I know of to put anything into space.
I was the only civ who conquered another civ.
I was the cultural victor by a very wide margin.

Let's be clear: I could have won the game about forty turns ago.

The computer, however, in its wisdom - deemed me second place. As far as I know, despite the hours (and those hours are about four times what they need to be thanks to game crashes) I've put into this game there is no way I can win it even though all of the above is true.

Anyone from Firaxis care to explain this nonsense? This is seriously an impediment to me wanting to play the game any further, knowing that the computer will simply elect a winner based on anything but logic. Granted, this is Emperor mode - but the only victory I'm missing from Emperor is domination and I don't see that happening by capturing each capital with the all Civ pile-on which is the AI. And if another civ can beat out the "most points" rule by having a single edge in any of the categories, not sure if I can get it by hitting 2100 either...


Clamatius said...

This is your punishment for not playing Civ on a PC as nature intended.

*ducks and runs*

Josh said...