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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Totally Random Combination Of Stuff

I'm really just trying to resist the hypnotic glow of the iTunes Jelly visualizer ... something which is additionally hypnotic as my usual retinal focus today has been on either random lines of XML or code which generates it - neither being something which is terribly more interesting than dried paint.

The MacBook Pro has now been joined by an iPhone, also courtesy of the mother company in the run to, well, iPhone development - so it actually makes a considerable amount of sense one put that way. I'm still a little creeped out by how the iPhone made the old 8525 whine when it took it's AT&T connection away. It was just a little too chipper about it, if you ask me. Still, the thing is just so sleek and sexy you really, really can't stay angry with it for too long.

I actually have a decent idea for an iPhone game as well, although nothing formative enough to really blog enough (but if a citizen of the Intertubes has my other contact information, feel free to ping me on it). Short version is that it's nearly zero player, rules based and will involve me doing very little graphic work. Is that the short version? Now I'm not sure. But look at these pretty colors...

Sorry, that thing is a the bastard love child of an eye exam and some Open GL acid trip. Back to XML.

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