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Friday, April 04, 2008

Get Your Cylon Detection Kit Handy

Here's your public service announcement that tonight kicks off the last season of Galactica. While I'm a huge fan, I'm all for the curtain being closed on this portion of the the Battlestar mythos. I think they've milked it for a decent story and a decent story deserves a decent ending.


sterno said...

Indeed. I was watching a few of last season's episodes as they re-aired on scifi the last few nights. I had several of those, "wow, this is a really good show," moments, and I think that ending it now more likely guarantees they won't run out of those moments.

Also, just on a practical level, the longer they continue on, the more that the logistics of their escape will make less sense. Like the other night I was watching and somebody brought Adama some paperwork to sign. So I'm sitting here wondering how much of the ship is occupied by stacks of spare efficiency reports, etc, in a ship that was about to be retired. It makes you think a bit about how much of our civilization is built up on the production of all these little items we use day to day without a second thought. How long before you run out of ink for pens when civilization is wiped out, etc?

The truth is, in that sort of situation humanity would pretty much be screwed. Getting by for a few months to a year would be feasible, provided that a fair portion of the ships were intended for long term travel. Much more than that would be a stretch.

But I will give them a lot of credit for trying to give a very strong sense of that "rag tag fugitive fleet" element. The Galactica looks like it's been through hell and back, because it has. You've got refugees, etc. It's a big mess, and you always have that sense that if they don't find an eden like planet in the next 6 months, they are shit outta luck.

Josh said...

And eventually Adama's sins have to come up and bite him. You can't just say "I know where Earth is" without eventually getting called out. They bought some time with the New Caprica story, but this time is due.

By the show's own measure it will either be providence and Adama will essentially be his own reluctant prophet ... or the show might be heading for something more apocalyptic.