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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My iPhone Ate My Xcode!

Sure, I finally feel well enough to look at code for more than 10 minutes and so I go to load up Xcode (OS X's development environment).

Except it's not there. I try Spotlight to search for it and all I can find is references to project files I can no longer open. It seems the iPhone SDK uninstalled it without telling me, possibly to add the new Interface Builder ... although I don't quite see how it can *add* something to something which is *no longer there*.

Update ... doh, nevermind. I found the rascal. The SDK update had locked the process while asking nicely if I would quit Xcode ... except it was hidden on some other screen while doing so. Course it also currently says it will be done in 258 hours? WTF?

Sigh. Also, this SDK apparently updates a few object names which should be a big flag to anyone hitting the ground running with the iPhone that it is in some pretty serious flux. Changing class names can wreck havok on existing projects.

Double sigh. Guess I'll go play with some Flex.

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