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Monday, July 03, 2006

NightWatch: The Game

I tried out the demo of the official Night Watch game from Nival Interactive, the same fine Russian folks who brought you Silent Storm. The game seems to follow that formula, a mission-based turn-based strategy game. This time, though, with shapeshifters and mages. Having only seen the one movie, I can't say quite how faithful it remains to the source material, but you'll shoot people with flashlights and step into the gloom a plenty. In fact, much of the combat happens in the "twilight" ... the invisible (to normal humans) parrallel dimension of the fictional world.

For the most part it played quite well and I'd guess that fans of Silent Storm will have something new to enjoy. The cinematics can be a little painful - they feel clunky and slow. In fact, I'd say it's a great example of when not to employ engine-based cutscenes. It hardly detracts from the core gameplay, though, which feels tight and looks like it could have serious potential.

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