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Friday, July 07, 2006

Columbine Revisited, New Documents Released

More on the Columbine tragedy has made the news, following a new set of documents made public. They illustrate even more clearly just how pre-meditated their actions were:

The documents offer a chilling insight into the killers in the months before the attack. Klebold and Harris had "to do" lists, with each purchase of a gasoline or a weapon marked off, and they had a hit list with at least 42 entries (all redacted).
-- Columbine diary: 'Set up ... gear up ... HAHAHA'

Columbine became a cultural flashpoint moment which is often still difficult to grasp. Some have tried to capitalize their personal vendetta targets, like video games, by attaching them to the event. Documents like these prove how moronic it is to simply try and point to one thing and yell "Doom did it".

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1 comment:

Patrick Dugan said...

Reading Columbine docs has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Thanks for the link.