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Friday, July 07, 2006

Konami's Upcoming Dating Sim

Dating sims have never really caught on here in the States ... probably because they're kind of a bizarre evolutionary offshoot of old adventure games ... only without the adventure. Konami is trying to bring the genre to the PSP with Brooktown High: Senior Year, a game about getting a date to the prom. My favorite part is how the lead developer tried to get his research on:

In press releases, Konami has classified the characters as jocks, nerds, preps and the like, but internally, the development team is using a more nuanced system. One character is considered a jock-jock, another a jock-nerd. There's a rebel-prep and a nerd-honey. The first term is their primary leaning; the second is added flavor. It can be hard to define, McCormick acknowledged, even when team members try to classify themselves for kicks. The game's lead programmer claims to be a rebel-nerd, according to McCormick. "We all think he's a nerd-rebel."

In terms of real-world research, McCormick's 18-year-old stepdaughter just went to her prom, and he asked her if he could come along and take some notes. "She said, 'No way!' " he recalled. "She thought it was a terrible idea to make a game about high school anyway. It hit too close to home."

These are sensitive years being re-created for a video game. It won't be for everyone.
-- Forget Beating The Bad Guy — This Game's Goal Is A Date To Prom

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