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Saturday, October 08, 2005

So, DirectX ... we meet again.

Some time ago, I had a problem running Half-Life on a new computer. After what can only be called an an incredibly bad technical experience of epic porportions. Long story short - some game had installed a version of DirectX that Half-Life didn't like and Windows wasn't about to let that version go.

Let me repeat this for people unwilling to click on the link. Windows will not let DirectX go. It will not like attempts to uninstall or downgrade to an earlier version and it will respond to any such attempts with lethal force. Oh yes, Windows will take down everything else in an attempt to defend it's precious DirectX.

I recently installed the Serious Sam 2 demo, which I think installed DirectX 9.0c. Previously I had 9.0b and Guild Wars and Doom 3 were happy as clams.

Now, Doom 3 crashed before it even gets to the teaser screen. And as much as I'm likely to poke into it ... I'm betting the end result will be that I can't play Doom 3 unless I like ... reinstall my OS. If you think I'm being fatalistic ... remember ... I've been here before.

Thanks Microsoft. Thank you for designing such a brilliant system that I can't even downgrade when you fsck things up. Yer smart.


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