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Friday, October 07, 2005

The OQO and our wireless world

The OQO is a pocketable, wifi enabled, fully functional Windows XP powered computer. Supposed to be about $1900. It's funny because a co-worker and I were just talking about the idea of having a wifi capable computer which could connect to base stations remotely - so you could do work in the office like normal, shove your computer in your pocket, and then head home and finish up the same work just by setting that computer on the desk and having it connect to your home station.

I send e-mail to my cell phone that I can read on my computer simply by asking the Mini to bluetooth to it. Nintendo will make a computer a wifi gaming router with just a USB dongle. I wonder when it will be that devices without either Bluetooth or Wifi will be kinda like those phones that don't need microchips or lithium-ion batteries. There are already scripts that will let you phone your Macintosh with a song title and have it call you back ... singing the song. The world is going to get to be a weird place.

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