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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Indigo Prophecy Post-Mortem

Thanks goes to Corvus for having a link to this Developer Diary on Indigo Prophecy. Tells about the angle the game took and why it wanted to diverge from what it calls "the five emotions":

In fact, I realized that most games were based on the same five basic emotions: excitement, competition, fear, frustration, and pride.

In short, excitement is about the pleasure of displaying power by killing or destroying (like in any shooter game), competition is about showing that we are better than the others (like in sports games or any game with competitors), frustration is about failing and starting again, and pride is about getting unique items and customizing one's character.
-- Indigo Prophecy Developer's Diary

1 comment:

Damion said...

His emotion stuff is very similar to the stuff that Nicole Lazzaro at XEODesign has been preaching. Catch her at GDC if you can, she usually puts on a good show.