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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Apple To Ban Violent Games From iPad

Following a policy of purging near porn titles from the App Store to make the iPad a more family friendly device, Apple will also ban games with violent content. According to CNN, the removal may not occur in time for the iPad's release date this Friday - but will follow shortly thereafter:

Cartoon violence may remain untouched, as the new policy will target games with "realistic depictions of gore, blood, removal of body parts, headshots, disembowelments, torture, and actions which may be construed as felonies by federal statute. Other titles may receive a more strongly worded message prior to purchase, including language that some of the actions depicted within the game should not be attempted at home without parental supervision
-- CNN: iPad cleans house, first sex and now violence

I'm guessing the game based on the popular show Dexter won't make the cut as it has nearly everything described there. We may see an increase in titles with "cartoon" violence (would a cel-shaded Call of Duty pass?) - and like the porn purge, any violent titles which remain will likely see a huge increase in sales.


Winkyboy said...

Doesn't anyone at Apple watch Caprica?

Winkyboy said...

er, maybe I should follow that up... I was thinking about how the V-world crowd in Caprica goes mostly to the hacked corners of the system specifically for the sex and violence.

Not that I'm all pro-sex-and-violence, but I'm a bit surprised at this move; there's a lot of retail to be had by the serious shooter crowd.

Josh said...

I would invite you to read the CNN article veeeerrrry carefully...

Winkyboy said...

Ahh - I didn't even see that there was a CNN link. My eyes just glazed over it. Gotcha ;)