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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TV Watch: Lost, The Package

After last week's episode, this one had a lot to live up to ... and well, partially because of that it felt extra boring. I have a soft spot for the Kwons, so I didn't really mind it so much - but there was very little movement in this episode, and the Sun's aphasia had one moment of brilliance - where she was yelling at Richard in Korean actually came out as slightly poignant and emotional in her native language (as I once said to a Serbian friend of mine, "You'll ruin your appetite" sounds the same in any language). Other than that it felt like a distraction more than anything else.

The sidestory was nearly all throw away though, mostly explaining Jin's presence in Sayid's story and affirming things we already knew about the couple. I did think Mikhail's presence in Keamy's band ... in the Island world, Keamy was a Widmore thug and Mkihail was an Other - not really the same team there. So we have even more convenient folding of Island related people into the LA X microcosm. The entire thing is starting to remind me a bit much of Donnie Darko.

Widmore being out to destroy the Man In Black is curious. Is it possible his original goal was to wipe everyone off the island, and start over with himself in control? It's hard to reckon him as a "good" guy, but again the show has been sneaky about what is really "good" and "bad". His treatment of Desmond doesn't seem to be all the kind, of course, but at least we may now know who was "coming to the island" mentioned during The Lighthouse episode.

And finally - ABC, the V countdown may have been the worst television marketing stunt in recent history. Twitter and blogs are talking about the annoyance factor in watching an ad constantly remind you just how little show you have left to watch. The Girl's comment was "is that V huge or just in HD?" (answer: both). Let us hope you never do something that stupid again.


sterno said...

Whitmore is corporate. He's neither good or bad, and I think he sees the island as a resource to exploit more than anything else. To that end having a smoke monster roaming the island would be little different than having insurgents roaming near your oil pipeline. So he has an agenda that's largely amoral, and while he'll do terrible things, he doesn't really care about morality, it's just a means to an end.

The V countdown drove me up a wall and though I've been following V I didn't watch the episode in protest of the stupid clock.

Overall I liked the episode but it definitely seemed to be a calm before the storm situation. Covering a little more back story, and setting up the battle between Whitmore and SmokeLocke. There wasn't much tension in this episode, and the one reveal was not all that notable.

One thing that got illuminated in this episode that wasn't quite as clear before is what SmokeLocke's immediate goal is. It seems that in order to get off the island he actually needs the remaining candidates to go with him. So it seems that the candidates are untouchable at this point because if he kills them he can't get off the island. But we can expect that he'll be more than happy to threaten the bystanders like Kate to accomplish that.

I will say though the one disappointment I've felt this season is with how Sayid's character has played out. He was always one of my favorites because he was complex and you could always see the struggle between his dark side and his good side. Now that's largely done and he's just a nimble zombie working for SmokeLocke. My hope is that he snaps out of it at some point, but I'm not optimistic about that anymore.

Josh said...

In some ways, I'd say Whitmore's strategy is similar to Man in Black's ... he'll remove people out of his way one way or another. Killing if needed, on a plane if that proves less messy.

I really, really, really, hope they explain the limits of Man in Black's and Jacob's powers in a reasonable way once the show concludes. I liked Sawyer's pushing about why he needs to use a boat. Mini Jacob reminded him that he couldn't kill Sawyer, but if he really can't - why remind him? Would it be like Whitmore killing Alex and how it "changed the rules"?

And agreed on Sayid. I'm hoping he still has redemption in store for him, but it is looking increasingly less likely.

Ronald said...

The geophysicst wanted to know about those those locations on the map.....I'm wondering if Widmore's plan is to plant bombs at those locations to sink the island to stop flocke?

Thoretically what caused the island to sink in the other reality is the "Incident".

It's the only reason I can think of for why he would be interested in the locations especially after mentioning to Jin that if flocke escaped it would be bad.

Josh said...

The map was a nice tie into some of the plot points from the earlier seasons. We never did get much of a clue about what was going on with all that EM under the Swan other than it is apparently rather tremendous in scale.