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Sunday, May 17, 2009

TV Watch: Dollhouse, Season 1 Finale

We finally got all caught up on Dollhouse - and for the watchful eyes we did it by forking over $3 per episode, so don't blame any financial issues on us (though, more on that to the bottom).

What follows is spoiler free, but comments may contain them.

Dollhouse has been pretty great, riding a line for me in between early Angel and Firefly (as in better than, but not as good as...). As I've said before, Whedon's team is mining the premise early and well, better perhaps than in previous shows. They waste no time getting to core questions and issues posed by the Dollhouse - what makes us who we are and what if we could easily be something else?

One of the things that is odd, in a likeable way, is that I'm actually that fond of Caroline, our erstwhile college econut - but I do like Echo ... who isn't really a character in the classic sense. This is in part, I think, because Echo is what was done to Caroline, not Caroline - and there lies the more interesting story.

I don't know if Whedon fans could have asked for much more out of the finale, except perhaps if Hannigan had somehow been "Wendy" (seriously, though, my brain might have exploded). It sounds like rumors of the show's death were previously exaggerated, though, as it appears season two is a go with 13 episodes contracted. This is the same number of episodes this season, but it sounds like Fox is holding the 13th from this season, 'Epiteth', for the DVD release.

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