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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game Play: Warhawk

Well that was disappointing.

After reading a few reviews and being quite interested in the so called "4-player offline" mode. From what I read the game was a delightful little romp dogfighting while making good use of the PS3's motion sensing controller.

Thing is? Not so much. For one thing, "4 player offline" means "LAN". Yes, some reviewers are either reporting or repeating that this phrase but let's get specific - you cannot play Warhawk without being online somehow, be it your local network or the Internet.

Which really sucks because if there was ever a game that needed an offline mode it would be Warhawk. To be precise, Warhawk really needs a tutorial mode so that you can learn the controls before waltzing into a map and getting shot down over and over again while you can't figure out how to even aim.

I won't waste too much time complaining about a game I've already deleted from the hard drive, but let me finish with wondering why the hell they even have walking and driving portions to the game. It makes the entire offering feel like a cheap Halo knockoff - especially when they are the only bits you can figure out quickly.

Big thumbs down.


jvm said...

I understand your frustration. It's a neat game. I got on a low population server and played for a bit, then went to a busier server and had a blast. Then didn't play again.

The new patch includes training. So perhaps give it a try when it's updated.

Josh said...

With training I'd give it another try, for sure. Otherwise the only patch I need is the one with a target on my back ;)