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Friday, August 22, 2008

Game Play: The Last Guy Demo (PSN)

The only real complaint I can make about The Last Guy is that I'm not sure I can agree with such a loose definition of the term "zombie". I mean, this is just the demo and we're already staring bouncy eyeballs in the, uh ... eye.

That's just not a zombie. It's an eyeball.

But in general the game is pretty much gold. You rush around, collecting people along the way and try to determine safe routes to get them back to the escape zone. Thebouncy happy dance music is completely in tune with the pace and atmosphere. The backdrops, drawn from satellite images, look amazing.

It's hard to tell just how long the simple concept will last - but based on the demo I'd would certainly be giving it a try.

1 comment:

jvm said...

If you haven't seen the whacky trailer for this thing, supposedly showing the programmers/designers, please track it down. It's on PSN and various places online.