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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Few Battlefield Demo Notes

Just to clarify:

- I'm all out of codes. Thanks again to everyone who wrote in. I'm going to try and wrangle some more out of EA.

- The demo is not available for download until June 5th, I believe. There was some confusion that it was ready now. The demo may be available for download now (thanks TimeDoctor). I haven't tried yet and don't have the instructions or anything - so try clicking around until something sounds like a machine gun.

Yeah, they are definitely live, I just finished the download. For PSN users:

- Go to Account Managent,
- Go to Transaction Management
- Go to enter promotion code

I don't have XBL, so I'm not sure what the path is there.

- Update: Neomorph notes: "The code is limited to North American XBL users only apparently." Apparently for those lot, you can try the demo now however. This might have added to my own confusion, actually.

- Update to that update: According to EA, these should be international. Neomorph, if I get a second round I'll try to work it out.

- I got more than a couple emails saying that GameStop had dropped the ball with a preorder and people didn't get a demo code when they should have. I asked EA about it and apparently there's no widespread problem with the program, so poke your local GameStop employee with a sharp stick.

- If you end up with a code by some other means (like sharp stick induced torture), please email back and let me know. There are about five times as many people who wrote in as those who actually got one, so do a brother proper and let someone else have the extra one.

Thanks again to everyone who wrote in.


TimeDoctor said...

Thanks for the code. The demo is available for download for everyone early as of yesterday as long as they have codes and input them as psn promotion codes.

No idea about XBL.

Josh said...

Just got word from another code winner that it's open for North American XBL users, it seems.

I'll have to try this out this weekend.

TimeDoctor said...

(and I began downloading the demo on PSN as soon as I could last night)

Josh said...

I'm downloading it now from PSN as well. EA says that the XBL version should be international. I misread (this is what I get from parsing text at work) the original email, so all of these codes should be ready to download right away.

Jamez said...

ahh im so unhappy i missed out on this as i am a ps3 user wishing to play this :(


Josh said...

I'll be test driving it in a bit, once I get some chores done (including moving my wifi router).